The ultimate guide to companies building flying drones using AI and the latest technology in EVOL


Flying drones are no longer just toys. In fact, they have become a booming industry with the potential to change many aspects of our lives, such as transportation and logistics. The most recent wave of flying drones uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create smarter, safer and more efficient products for consumers and businesses alike. This article will discuss some of the companies that are using AI technology in their drones so that you can better understand what this new tech means for the future.

The Current Drone Leader XPENG

XPeng, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has developed a flying car called the XPeng X2. The vehicle is fully autonomous and can reach a top speed of 80 miles per hour (130 kilometers per hour) with a set of eight propellers. It has an aerodynamic water drop design and is built using lightweight carbon fiber by XPeng Aeroht, an affiliate of XPeng. The company has also shared footage of the X2 electric flying car. Additionally, XPeng publicized a flying car on Sunday that it says can also drive on roads. The X2's public display in Dubai represents a significant milestone for XPeng AeroHT and the international achievement of flying cars. XPeng's X2 is the first of its kind to be available for public viewing, and it shows the progress towards commercializing flying cars. The future of transportation looks very different with flying cars on the horizon. As technology continues to evolve, so will our means of getting from point A to point B.


1. DelFly

DelFly is a Dutch research institute that has been working on the development of flying drones since 2003. Their goal is to produce autonomous flying drones that can be used in various applications, including surveillance and search & rescue missions.

The company has already made over 50 prototypes in its pursuit of this goal, including DelFly II, which weighs just over three ounces and has a wingspan comparable to a bumblebee's (about 20 centimeters). The next step for them will be creating an even smaller drone called DelFly 2020 with an incredible one gram weight!

2. Zipline

Zipline is a medical delivery drone company that has been delivering medical supplies to remote areas of Rwanda and Tanzania. Zipline uses drones to deliver blood and vaccines in Rwanda, which can be used in emergencies where there are no roads or other ways to transport medicine.

The company was founded by Keller Rinaudo, who started working on his idea for medical drones after seeing how difficult it was for people living in areas without roads or transportation options to receive life-saving medicines quickly enough.

3. Flytrex

Flytrex is a Slovenian company that makes GPS-enabled drones. They have a range of drones, including the Flytrex Live, Flytrex One and Flytrex Core. The company was founded in 2013 by Bojan Vindišar and Aleksander Goričar.

Flytrex has been around since before it became cool to have your own drone so they've had plenty of time to perfect their product line and refine their technology through trial-and-error (or maybe just experience). Their products are easy to use and come with an excellent customer support team if you ever run into any issues while flying your drone around town or across oceans!

4. Hubsan

Hubsan is a Chinese drone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. They have a wide range of drones and accessories that are popular with both hobbyists and professionals alike.

Hubsan's most popular product is the H107C+ FPV quadcopter which comes with an HD camera attached to its underside as well as an LCD screen on the controller. This allows you to see what your drone sees from above or below while flying it around your house or yard! The H107C+ FPV has been praised by many reviewers for being easy to fly even for beginners who have never flown before (you can learn more about it here).

If you're looking for something more advanced than this model but still want something easy enough for kids ages 10+, then check out their X4 Storm drone which comes equipped with GPS flight stabilization technology so even if there are strong winds outside then chances are high that one won't lose control over where their vehicle goes after takeoff until landing safely back down again somewhere safe nearby where no humans were harmed during flight time."

5. Ehang

Ehang is a Chinese company that makes consumer drones, industrial drones and professional drones. The company was founded in 2014 by Huazhi Hu and Tianyuan Wang. Ehang's consumer products include the Ghost Drone series of quadcopters (which are marketed under the name "EHANG" in the United States) as well as the X8 model drone used for autonomous passenger flights.

Huazhi also founded Ehang Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on developing aerial vehicle technologies such as UAVs/drones with AI capabilities for both military applications as well as civilian ones like agriculture or emergency services; however it's unclear whether these projects have been successful so far since we haven't heard much about them since 2016 when they first announced their plans to build a commercial-grade drone capable of carrying one person up into the air at speeds up to 100 km/h while being able to fly autonomously without any human intervention whatsoever!

6. DJI

DJI is a Chinese company that makes drones and camera equipment. They are the largest drone manufacturer in the world, producing both professional and hobbyist models.

DJI's flagship product is its Mavic Pro series, which includes several different types of drones with varying features and price points. These drones can be controlled through an app on your smartphone or tablet, making them easy to use even if you've never flown one before!

The flying drone market is booming, and they are a lot more than toys!

Flying drones are no longer just toys. The flying drone market is booming, and they are a lot more than toys!

The flying drone market is booming, and they are a lot more than toys!


We hope that you've enjoyed reading about the latest developments in flying drones and the companies that are driving them forward. These are just some of the many exciting examples of how AI is being used to make our world more connected, efficient and sustainable. We can't wait to see what comes next!

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