How is Revolutionizing the Startup World

Are you a founder or investor searching for potential investors by stage, thesis, or other criteria? Look no further than is a suite of free tools that helps founders and investors find and connect with each other. The platform has received rave reviews from users, with many calling it a "game changer" and the "best tool out there" for finding investor leads.

What is

From their website:

So, what exactly does offer? The platform provides a variety of tools for founders and investors, including:

  • Investor Search: A database of investors that can be filtered by stage, sector, location, and other criteria.
  • Fundraising Tracker: A tool that helps founders keep track of their fundraising progress and investor interactions.
  • Investor CRM: A customer relationship management tool that helps founders manage their investor pipeline.
  • Investor Update Templates: A collection of email templates for founders to use when updating investors on their progress.

How OpenVC works if you are a founder

It's fairly simple: you just create an account and search for the right investors. Each investor is different: some accept cold emails while other prefer online forms or warm intros.

To learn how to use it as a founder you can watch their 5 minute tutorial.

How OpenVC works if you are an investor

OpenVC is 100% free for investors - no subscription, no commission.

Just click "Sign up" and follow the instructions. Make sure to give a detailed description of your thesis, so you receive qualified deal flow.

Only thing you should be aware of here is that it takes ~24 hours to get your profile approved.

Who are the founders of OpenVC app?

Click the picture to follow him on twitter!

The other founder is Lucas Roquilly. A passionate developer for 15 years, who is also an entrepreneur and a freelance consultant.

Social proof

Check out what Janice Taylor, Founder of Ah-ha Healing tweeted about it:

Another user, Christian Lecorps, Founder of Atlas Prime, tweeted: is also popular among investors. Gabby Cazeau, Principal at Harlem Capital, tweeted:

The platform has also helped founders make valuable connections. Kenny Burks, Founder of CarKenny, tweets: has even helped investors find promising startups. Serial investor Alex Macdonald said,

"More than half the deck submissions for my syndicate in the past few days came from @OpenVC, a suite of amazing free tools for founders and VCs."

Final thoughts

Overall, is a must-have tool for any founder or investor looking to make valuable connections in the startup world. So what are you waiting for? Go now and try it out for yourself and see why so many users are raving about it!

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